Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer

Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer | Patients with bowel cancer can be cured, if the malignancy is detected early. Conventional examinations, such as blood tests and digital rectal cryptic, but it can detect cancer at an advanced stage. Now introduced a technique that can detect the examination of these early cancers.

Colon cancer (colorectal carcinoma) is a malignancy that occurs in the colon to the rectum. Time is slowly growing cancer, 15-20 years old.

"When detected early, patients recover very big possibility," said the expert in hematology oncology Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (medicine), W Sudoyo Aru, in the gathering of colon cancer patients in Jakarta, Saturday (14/5).

According to him, as much as 95 percent of cases of colon cancer can be treated if found early by testing and detailed examination. Unfortunately, this has not happened in Indonesia. The majority of patients diagnosed with colon cancer for treatment when already advanced stage. More than 50 percent of cancer patients are not aware of the disease and find out too late.

According to Ibrahim Basir, abdominal surgeon of the Faculty of medicine, there are early symptoms that can be used for early detection of colon cancer, among other weight loss accompanied by a change in bowel habits or bloody bowel movements.

Other symptoms include diarrhea or constipation without apparent cause more than six weeks, had pain in the back of the abdomen, bloating, or stomach still feels full even after a bowel movement.

"Most people who experience these symptoms, do not want to see a doctor. They also do not want digital rectal examination that considered shameful, "he said.

In fact, this ways is the simplest way to diagnose colon cancer.

Early detection

Digital rectal examination done to determine the presence of polyps in the hole expenditure, as well as to detect abnormalities in the prostate. Blood tests performed in the laboratory on stool samples of patients, to detect the presence of blood from polyps.

Barium enema examination, which include liquid barium into the large intestine through the rectum and identified by X-rays. This examination can detect cancers and polyps in the amount exceeding 1 cm.

Recently introduced biomolecular examination for colon cancer, the patient's stool sample, the test tumor M2-PK (M2 pyruvates kinase), which is a marker (biomarker) of metabolic tumor.

These marker genes are found E Eigenbrodt from Germany in 1992, then developed Schebo Biotech. On examination measured the metabolic activity of colon tumors at an early stage.

"This method can detect polyps or adenomas that do not bleed," said Adityawati Ganggaiswari, biomedical experts from Indonesia Cancer Foundation.

DNA testing clinics will be open YKI in Lebak Bulus, Jakarta. Rate of Rp 200,000. Examination of M2-PK in stool samples of patients will be conducted in the laboratories of the Kalbe Farma, said Adityawati.

In addition to the ICF, there are two hospitals in Jakarta who provide it.

Worldwide, deaths from "colon cancer" approximately "608 000 people." This amount, reaching 8 percent of all cancer deaths, and the fourth type of cancer that causes death. Nearly 60 percent of cases are found in developing countries, including Indonesia.
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