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Benefits of Fish Oil for Women | No doubt, that taking fish oil can make the body more healthy. The problem is: so many people who do not meet the needs of fish oil in the daily menu.

Because to benefits of fish oil make us have to find a replacement for fish oil as a substitute for, the easiest solution is to take a daily supplement of omega 3.

While men and women alike have benefited from omega3 supplements, but actually for women have benefit more. Let's look at some of unique benefits of fish oil for women:

Benefits of Fish Oil for Women

1. Breast Cancer. Breast cancer invade the lives of millions of women every year, and in fact, was the leading cause of death for women aged between 45 and 55. Countless tests have shown that Omega-3 fatty acids may help slow the progression of breast cancer, and even help prevent breast cancer recurrence, and when combined with drugs known as propofol, omega-3 fatty acids can cause cancer cells to die .

2. Cervical Cancer. Cervical cancer is a disease that kills about 4,000 women each year, almost always caused by HPV. Research has shown that DHA (Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil), can dramatically inhibit the growth and development of the mutated cells due to HPV.

3. Menstrual cycle. Almost all women experience physical changes due to their menstrual cycle. For some, this change is almost imperceptible, but for others, they can be very enjoyable, and even very severe. Omega 3 supplements can relieve the symptoms of menstruation, because the body is able to turn them into prostaglandins, which in turn can make the muscles relax. Omega 3 supplements are very effective, so some women are able to avoid painful menstrual cramps.

4. Menopausal depression. Depression is common among women ages 45 and 50. Depression is often referred to as menopause depression, is often treated by ERT (Estrogen Replacement Therapy), but there are many concerns about this approach, because the hormone estrogen is directly related to breast cancer. Fortunately, studies show that consuming fish oil supplementation significantly every day can reduce menopausal depression.

We only saw four benefits of fish oil for women, but actually a lot more. In short, all women should consider supplementing their daily diet with omega3 supplements with good quality.
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