Preventing Side Effects of Radiotherapy

Preventing Side Effects of Radiotherapy | You are that undergoing treatment with radiotherapy should be careful with its effect, and I believe you must always fear the effects of radio therapy. But you fear you can dispose of, The important, you want to hear instructions from the officer radio therapy because of adverse effects of radio therapy may actually be prevented.

According, radiation oncology specialists from the Hospital Dharmais Jakarta, side effects of radiotherapy depends on the location of the radiation, the number of doses, the radiation field area, the condition of the patient's body and the external factors, such as temperature and humidity.

Acute Side effects, meaning: occur quickly after receiving radiation, such as the form of redness, bubbles arise on the skin, skin damage, and necrotic tissue. While the subsequent effects, could be tissue shrinkage, bleeding and dry mouth.

There are several clues that can be done to prevent the emergence of side effects caused by radiotherapy, which he described as below:

How to Prevent Side Effects of Radiotherapy

1. Dental hygiene and mouth
In cancer patients who will undergo radiation of the head and neck region (eg, nasopharyngeal cancer patients), exposure to radiation will hit the oral cavity, gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract. If the condition of oral hygiene is not maintained, then the infection could have occurred.

2. Not eat or drink too hot or cold
Especially for patients who received radiation in head and neck region is recommended not to consume food or beverages that are too hot or cold. Because the food and drinks that are too hot or cold can affect the membranes of the mouth is still very susceptible to injury due to radiation effects.

3. Avoid sweaty skin
Sweat on the body will greatly affect the radiation exposure received. In anticipation of side effects, you should check all parts of your body such as the armpit (the usual sweating), before receiving radiation. Side effects usually appear until a week after radiation. Skin that is wet or aqueous can trigger skin reactions more quickly, so it can be scab later.

4. Avoid direct sunlight
skin exposure to radiation would have to be very sensitive to sunlight. You can protect skin from the sun with umbrellas. If you want to use a sunscreen / sunblock lotion, ask your doctor what is appropriate.

5. Adequate nutrition
Diseases that cause cancer in appetite, especially if followed by a mental health condition that falls or depression. Ensure nutritional needs met either by number, type and schedule to maintain healthy conditions in the treatment.
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