Body Stay Healthy During Fasting

Body Stay Healthy During Fasting | Month of Ramadan has arrived. Time for us to dampen lust until it was time to break. In the month of fasting, the body will continue to lose body fluids because the activity is still running, but without the intake of food or drink for more than 12 hours. So do not be surprised if you feel thirsty and throat feels very dry during fasting, because the body started having symptoms of dehydration.

Why would that be? In fact, 60% of the human body consists of fluids. When running light activity, the daily loss of body fluid is 2.5 liters. Lost body fluids should be replaced by fluid intake in the same amount. But it can not be done when you fast, do not you?
body stay healthy during fasting

Few tips to keep your Body Stay Healthy During Fasting of Ramadan, Look below:

1. Consumption of foods nutritionally complete and balanced, the time of dawn and fasting. Make sure all the nutrients the body needs can be met.

2. Do a little exercise for movement and stretching on a regular basis, it is better done the afternoon before the break the fast, so that the body's fluid needs can be met soon. With exercise, the body's blood circulation will run smoothly, so the body feels more fit.

3. Do not let you leave the meal. Remember, the dawn/sahur is the time for you to provide nutrition to the body. The food you eat when dawn/sahur is a fuel to generate energy for the body.

4. To restore vitality to your body, after the move all day, make sure you get quality sleep for 8 hours per day. Adequate rest is able to restore fitness.

5. Increase your fluid intake the time of dawn and fasting. Drink isotonic drink, the drink containing ions with a composition similar to body fluids. POCARI SWEAT is isotonic drink that works to restore the body's fluid and ions that lost. "POCARI SWEAT" is a good drink for consumption, because it is free of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, soda and caffeine.
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