25 Million Indonesian Infected with Hepatitis

25 Million Indonesian Infected with Hepatitis

At least 25 million people in Indonesia is estimated to have contracted hepatitis B and hepatitis C. However, the danger of transmission of the disease is often not realized due to a very slow course of the disease and no symptoms.

Director of Direct Transmitted Disease Control Ministry of Health Mohammad Subuh confirmed, Indonesia, including countries with high prevalence of hepatitis B, above 8 percent. "The number of infected with hepatitis B is higher than hepatitis C," he said in Jakarta, Friday (20/7), welcomed the World Hepatitis Day.

Many people infected with hepatitis B and C do not realize they have contracted. The Absence of symptoms make people does not consult to doctor.

Subuh added, from 25 million people are believed to have contracted hepatitis B, approximately 12.5 million of whom are prone to chronic liver disease, 10 percent of the risk of hardening of the liver disease progression, and about 1.25 million people at risk of developing liver cancer.

So far, the prevention of hepatitis pursued by the hepatitis B vaccine in newborns since 1997, breaking the chain of transmission from mother to infant, as well as screening of blood donors from hepatitis B and C. No less important is the promotion of healthy behavior, such as hand washing using soap that can prevent transmission of hepatitis A and E or prevent transmission of hepatitis B and C by not sharing razors.
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