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Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit | Dragon fruit is very beneficial for our health, especially to increase energy, and increase immunity, as is claimed by wholesome baby food. The fruit is first entered into asia brought by French settlers who came to china. Therefore, the dragon fruit has many names, for example in the area of Mexico known as Phitaya, in China called Feuy Long Kwa while in Vietnam known as the Long Thanh. And in Indonesia itself is often called the sweet cactus.

Dragon Fruit for Health Benefits

Benefits of dragon fruit is very diverse, the content of vitamin C is high enough to make fruit dragon fruit have efficacy improve our immune and help accelerate the wound healing process.

Potassium and phosphorus contained in the dragon fruit can make us strong bones and teeth healthy. Addition of vitamin B3 are the fruit is good for lowering cholesterol.

Besides the dragon fruit is also beneficial in balancing blood sugar levels. Other properties of this cactus-like fruit that is heart health, prevent cancer, prevent diabetes, strengthens kidney function even better for those of you that are consumed through a healthy diet program.

For those of you who like the dragon fruit can found directly, or it can process them into various foods and beverages. Eat every day and feel the benefits of dragon fruit.

The Kind of Dragon Fruit

There are several types of dragon fruit, among others:
  1. Red-skinned dragon fruit, but fruit flesh is white (Hylocereus undatus)
  2. Dragon fruit with red skin, red meat is striking (Hylocereus Meganlanthus)
  3. Pink skin, red meat (Hylocereus Polyrhizus)
  4. Nage-skinned fruit yellow, white meat (Selenicerus megalanthus)

Dragon fruit nutritional content:

The following are nutritional values ​​of dragon fruit from 100 grams of fruit:

Niacin - 1.3 mg
Riboflavin - 0.044 mg
Thiamine - 0.0 mg
Vitamin C - 9 mg
Vitamin B3 - 0.43 mg
Vitamin B2 - 0.045 mg
Vitamin B1 - 0.043 mg
Iron - 0.65 mg
Phosphorus - 36.1 mg
Calcium - 8.8 mg
Carotene - 0.012 mg
Crude fiber - 0.9 g
Fat - 0.61 g
Ash - 0.28 g
Protein - 0.229 g
Moisture - 83 g
Others - 0.68 g
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