3 Easy Steps Away from Flu

3 Easy Steps Away from Flu | When the seasons change, the symptoms of flu is a disease that often occurs, especially if the immune system begins to weaken. As quoted from Healthmeup, here are 3 Easy Steps Away from flu, so you stay healthy and fit in all seasons.

3 Easy Steps Away from Flu

1. Do not sneeze at hands
When will sneeze, most people immediately shut the mouth with both hands. This is actually wrong? When you sneeze, it is not likely the bacteria will settle in hand and unknowingly be spreading germs if you then go back to touch your nose and mouth, or even someone else. If you do not prepare a tissue or the like, in a pinch you can sneeze into your elbow.
3 Easy Steps Away from Flu

2. Inadequate water consumption
Water is not just relieving thirst, but also able to shift toxins and germs in your body. When you begin to feel weakened immune system, soon to consume enough water.

3. Healthy food
The best way to fight the flu is by eating foods that contain lots of vitamins A, B, C, and vitamin E. meet your daily intake of vegetables and fresh fruits. Researchers say that the phytochemicals contained in vegetables also helps your body fight the cold and keep you fit. In addition, use healthy cooking methods that able to retain nutrients in food that you consume.
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